The Casual Reporter: April 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

RV Trip Around France part 1

We got back Thursday from our whirlwind RV tour around France. What a beautiful country. We visited castles, prehistoric caves, cathedrals, and Roman amphitheaters, drove along wide open highways, through congested cities and small medieval villages, and down terrifyingly narrow, steep and winding roads, sipped wine, ate cheese, and drank in the stunning countryside through wind, rain, and sun. We took a fair amount of video, some good and some less good, and a handful of photos. Along the way I learned that the French history and culture is fascinating, the people are usually warm and friendly, and the architecture, art, wine, cheese, and countryside are stunning. But of all the things I applaud France and the French for, there's one thing that keeps popping up: with the exception of the Natural History Museum in Paris, the French seem to struggle at the art of taxidermy. With this in mind, I present to you one of my favorite photos from our journey, from the Rock Fort in the Dordogne, on proud display at the exit of a fort castle we visited built into a cliff dwelling site that had been inhabited since Neanderthal times.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

You, Your Brain, Me, and We

This is an excellent video worth watching, about a brain anatomist who has a stroke and experiences brain malfunction from the inside. The result of her discovery may both surprise and uplift you. Does more than you think.

Hookers for Jesus

Actors, it can be said, rent their bodies, voices, and souls to producers in a way similar to prostitutes. Of those who go the next step and actually exploit themselves sexually for perceived competitive advantage in legitimate entertainment, many become involved in the sex industry. Annie became a high-class Las Vegas hooker, making big money and nearly losing her soul before a near-death experience finally lead her to Jesus. She founded "Hookers for Jesus" to help other girls in her situation. I'm not a religious guy but I like the title "Hookers for Jesus." It's a great story and, for me, what salvation is all about.