The Casual Reporter: Jim McMullan Publishes Ninth Book

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jim McMullan Publishes Ninth Book

Jim McMullan has published his ninth book! Jim is a good friend and a 40 year veteran of TV and Film, starring in films including Downhill Racer, Shenandoah, and The Incredible Shrinking Woman known for his role as Senator Dowling in Dallas. He also starred as Buffalo Bill in our fine show, "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" (La Legende de Buffalo Bill) in Disney Village, Disneyland Paris, France, where I play that same role. Aside from being a great guy, Jim always has ingenious and creative ideas, and this looks like an excellent one judging by the Amazon page where it is available for purchase:

 Jim McMullan has more creative, paradigm-shattering book ideas that collects in his left eye after one night s sleep than any other writer has in a lifetime... This one is amazing. Brad Schreiber, Author, Becoming Jimi Hendrix
I was most impressed with this book. The photos are very well chosen; the writing is delightful and informative. I learned a great deal....An Ostentation of Peacocks how wonderful Judith Gaddis, Art Historian and Collector
A fun, charming and altogether wonderful book that will leave children delighted and their parents wondering how they made it this far without knowing all of this fascinating information! Christopher Reich, New York Times Bestselling Author of Rules of Deception and Numbered Account

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