The Casual Reporter: Armistice Day 2008 - A Video Remembrance by Trent Vance

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Armistice Day 2008 - A Video Remembrance by Trent Vance

About a half hour from my home here in France lies an area where several fierce and bloody WWI battles were fought. To commemmorate Armistice Day, I took my family to see one of the battlegrounds and two American monuments. This is a video from that trip.

At the cemetery, church bells toll to mark the hour, then a series of tunes from the WWI era are played. Walking among the graves and listening to the tones of the bells bending and mixing with the breeze, playing tunes that these soldiers would have listened to, is eerie, haunting, yet comforting. These men are well-honored.

All sound and video was recorded with a consumer-level Digital 8 camera with no special equipment and no rehearsal.


  1. That is beautiful - I remember when Rod and I went out to see that monument and the surrounding area. Great video!

  2. Hi Trent, Just enjoyed watching your video. Its made me look at other stuff on the war - a time to remember indeed. Interesting news site !!


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