The Casual Reporter: Happy Thanksgiving from Wild West Show Cast Members

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Wild West Show Cast Members

This video is of some of the Americans and their French colleagues who work at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill) Disney Village, Disneyland Resort Paris France, sharing their thoughts about Thanksgiving. The first part of the video was taped in and around Plymouth and Plimoth Planatation in Massachusetts during a family holiday there last summmer.


  1. Great video! Its good to see all u boys. have a great Thanksgiving and let the good times roll. Thanksgiving in Amsterdam? I guess pot brownies and hash kinda resemble turkey and gravy. I guess its all about being with the people you love! Or at the red light district hey sounds good to me! Miss uall

    Mike Doherty

  2. Thanksgiving in Amsterdam?? I was also very surprised. Space cake is the name of it, but I guess you can make it in France too. They smoke it more then we do in the Netherlands. Anyway, it was very nice to see some familiar "old" faces. Richard, Thierry and Pete. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Maybe you'll see a familiar face in Disney next weekend. I will be there!!!! Yeeha.

    Greetings of a former Champagnegirl from the early '90's, Desiree

  3. Joe McGlohon says have a blessed day with whomever your with and where ever you are.Keep the Wild West Show alive. Stay in touch!

  4. Oh, that brings back good memories of my first (and only) thanksgiving dinner back in 2001.
    Richie invites all the Danish girls to the house in Montry for dinner - which I believe he made Shawn and Lucas cook...
    Anyway, it was a great night! Have a lot of nice pictures with hats and people blowing beercaps into a glass. Guess thats not a part of the original tradition :)
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Well boys, I'm wishin everyone a happy thanksgiving from over here in Canada, I guess I am a few days late but you know us Canadians, always a little behind eh!! Its great to see all you guys if only for a quick minute so I'm giving thanks for that. Hope you guys are still rockin the pants off everyone lucky enough to see the show over there. Miss you all.
    Scott King

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to All, it was actually a going away party, but nobody left...gobble gobble, Sundore.

  7. Thanks for the video and happy thanksgiving too.
    Thanks to all to make live the magic of this show. Everytime I come i'm sure to have fun !

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!November 28, 2008 at 3:51 PM

    Hey Trent and all at W.W.S.,
    Everybody is looking good and thanks for putting the video up. Thanksgiving is a great holliday to remember all the blessings through the year that God so abundantly blesses us with. (Most of all His Son Jesus). Hope the turkey was abundant and nobody had to resort to the cheval.
    Missing everybody,

  9. Still haven't got over our trip there in October. Good, good times. Just had Thanksgiving in Colorado City, Texas. Good food, wine and family. On our way back to Ocala, Florida via Jackson, Mississippi. We remember Thanksgiving dinners that were warm and plentiful in France. Hope y'all had a great one. Chris Cooper.


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