The Casual Reporter: Cowboy JM Falls of Horse, Folds in Half

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cowboy JM Falls of Horse, Folds in Half

Following the eyes of the other performers, I looked over and saw JM's butt and nothing else. He was on his back, folded in half, his backside facing the audience, the rest of him obscured. Fortunately his pants were still intact and in place. He remained frozen there for several seconds before finally unfolding and getting to his feet. Witnesses report that after JM caught the horse during the roping contest at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Resort Paris, he turned towards the other performers, perhaps showing off a little, and his saddle turned. Whether he forgot to tighten his cinch or not remains unclear. JM maintained his balance for a few more strides, then fell only a few feet from the curtain in the corner of Gold Star. SH said JM didn't roll or bounce to absorb the energy of the impact, he just hit the ground with a solid thump and folded in half. Annie Oakley rushed down to make sure JM was OK. He was. I added a five-second penalty to his time.

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