The Casual Reporter: Cowboys Booted from Dance Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cowboys Booted from Dance Rehearsal

Rehearsals have started for the Festival of Mickey Mouse, a company-wide initiative for 2009 that includes featuring Mickey, Minnie, Tic and Tac (Chip and Dale), and Goofy in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Apparently friction is already showing up, resulting in Cowboys being told to leave one of the recent dance rehearsals.

Disclaimer: Consistent with the lax journalistic procedure that has come to characterize the content of The Casual Reporter, this is all hearsay, and generally one-sided information. Initials are used to protect the privacy of those involved.
Here's the juice:

The Cowboys and Stunts arrived on time at the rehearsal (except for PT) and the cowboys were told they would not be required to dance if they didn't want to. They could just watch.

With the artistic coordinator, director, choreographer, and other self-important types supplied with chairs and the cowboys told to sit on the ground, the rehearsal started and continued for a couple hours, the Stunts and Cowboy "RL" dancing and rehearsing.

Finally, either JP or KK told the cowboys who were watching it was their turn to dance. BH reminded KK that he was told he wouldn't have to dance. An argument ensued, ending with JP alleging that BH had been paid to do nothing for the last two years (BH had been on training leave) and if he didn't want to be there, he should leave. BH left.

CA, who also sometimes plays Stunt, was ordered to dance. CA reminded KK that he was told he wouldn't have to dance. "Why did you come here then?" KK asked. CA replied that he was asked to and he was getting paid overtime. The lead cowboy pointed out to KK that the cowboys were indeed told they wouldn't have to dance. KK said that if they didn't want to be there they should all just leave then. So they did, except for RL, who later observed that there are plenty of ranches back in the states that the guys could work on if they didn't want to do their job here.

And now, a rousing Disney song to commemorate the cowboys' departure:
Hi ho, Hi ho! It's home from work we go!
Hi ho, Hi ho, Hi ho!

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  1. I'm not sure there is a ranch on the face of the earth that would hire RL. He gives the people who stay here and like it here, a bad name.


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