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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Casual Reporter Endorses Joe Biden

Although "Presidential" in name, this Presidential Election's Vice-Presidential candidates are perhaps more significant than ever. Consider the following:

1) Of the 43 U.S. Presidents so far, 4 died, 4 were assassinated, and one resigned, meaning 20.93% of Vice-Presidents took over the office of President by default. That's a 3.65% "default rate" calculated in person-years, compared to a 3.92% death rate for military personnel fighting in the Iraq war. Being U.S. President is 93% as dangerous as being a member of the U.S. military deployed in Iraq.
2) Number-crunching bloggers give John McCain, based primarily on his age, a 38.6% to 55.1% chance of dying while in office, although the actuarial firm Bragg Associates puts the figure at 24.44%, still nearly a 1 in 4 likelihood. (Note: The firm also states that "age and health are not issues for two terms of service" based on health expectancy.)
3) Unfortunately, closet organizations like the KKK still exist in the U.S. and Obama is part black, which may increase his risk of race-motivated assassination if he's elected.
4) McCain's Robocall campaign, designed to scare the American public into thinking that Obama is all but a terrorist himself, risks igniting already-paranoid Americans into tragic action if Obama is elected.

Considering the above, I feel it's more likely than usual that either Joe Biden or Sarah Palin will become President by default. I voted (already, by mail ballot) as much for the Vice-Presidential as the Presidential candidates.

Sarah Palin is considered by many to be charming, beautiful, and even sexy. As someone who holds deep respect for women in general, I'm thrilled there's a woman in the running (although I'm not sure a sex-symbol is what feminists had in mind). Palin adds excitement to McCain's campaign and has re-energized the Presidential race in general. I understand her appeal on a superficial level, but in my opinion, having watched all three debates, investigated the profiles of all four candidates, and updated myself daily on campaign news, Governor Palin is nowhere near qualified to be Vice-President let alone President of the United States (still the leader of the free world). Among her deficiencies, she lacks not just experience, but knowledge of the world beyond Alaska, let alone beyond the United States, including basic information about the office she seeks.

I have great respect for the service John McCain has rendered our country as both a war hero and a distinguished Senator, but that he would choose as his running mate someone so glaringly unqualified says all I need to know about his decision-making capability: it's alarmingly inadequate for the office he seeks.

So, although I don't agree with their position on every issue, Joe Biden as VP in an Obama Whitehouse is, to me, the obvious and only viable choice. I'm so convinced of the importance of this election that I've even contributed $25 to their campaign.

If you are as concerned as I am at the thought of Governor Palin being a heart's beat away from the Presidency, you can also contribute to Obama's campaign but the final deadline is tonight.

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