The Casual Reporter: (Revised) Christian Starr Featured on ESPN

Thursday, October 23, 2008

(Revised) Christian Starr Featured on ESPN

Christian Starr, one of the newest members of what used to be called the "Stunt Team" (now called "The Supporting Actors") has returned to the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris France) following several months spent back in the states waiting for his working papers to be processed. While in the states, Christianfeatured in an ESPN lead-in to a big college game in Colorado. Here is the video captured from the ESPN feed.

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On a side-note, I agree that perhaps "Stunt Team" may not be the most differentiating description of the team to which Christian belongs. Most Wild West Show performers engage in stunts -- in many cases more dangerous stunts than the "Stunt Team. " However "Supporting Actor" differentiates even less since virtually all non-principal performers are Supporting Actors, whether or not they have audible lines of text. Moreover, excluding the cowboys and Indians from the category of "Supporting Actors" risks having the effect of making them feel that management respects less their contribution. This serves no purpose but to lower morale. Cowboys, Indians, Stunts, and arguably Musicians, are all supporting actors in the show.

In my view at least two things differentiate the team to which Christian belongs:
1) three among the team have microphone-enhanced text which drives the show forward in the text-based scenes where no principal actor is present and
2) every intentionally comedic moment in the show is performed by the "Stunt Team"

So if "Stunt Team" is to be discarded, I think this team should be called "The Comedy Team" or "The Comedians" or, to highlight the fact three of four are wired with microphones on any given night "The Wired Team". Then if Jason ever came back again, considering he's dyslexic, we could call it "The Weird Team". When he's here, it fits so nicely..


  1. I read this article and the more recent one referring to it. Teasing a dyslexic person, calling him weird, is insulting. Perhaps that's where you went wrong.

  2. What I meant is that "wired" and "weird" look the same to a person suffering from dyslexia, not that dyslexic people are weird. I was also playing with the idea that Jason, many would agree, is "weird" (in the most wonderful way - he knows what I mean.) How horrible that it came across to you that I was implying people suffering from dyslexia are weird! Perhaps I'll remove the offending text, or modify it.


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