The Casual Reporter: The Adam Bomb Video

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Adam Bomb Video

Here it is, at long last: the full, uncut version of Adam falling from the sky. Watch carefully the left half of the screen...



  1. Oh my god it is very impressive! And we can see him limping all along the scene. Fortunately he's fine!

  2. I watch this video and wonder why no one stopped the show to make sure Adam was okay as its clear he wasn't! Hello?

  3. yea a cast member working the graveyard shift at disneyland fell off a truck was knocked out the idiot managers took 30 min to decide to call the real paramedics not the disney castmembers to have him taken to the hospital he had a concussion the want to be mall cops and dumb asses too they react so slowly when it comes to emergencys gas leaks in tommorowland the area should be closed while they fix the leak the leak went on for more than a month i know because i called the ananhiem fire dept and they did nothing ...... pay off


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