The Casual Reporter: Annie Oakley Masters Horse During Show

Monday, July 6, 2009

Annie Oakley Masters Horse During Show

(A stallion similar to Target, taken from: Tales from Echo Canyon)

One of the actresses who plays Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, Disneyland Resort Paris, but who doesn't want her real name used on this blog, showed her talent and experience with horses today to a level of expertise that demands special recognition. Horses, like most people and animals, have individual personalities. Target, the little Arab gelding she rode for her first entrance has the personality of a cocky, lazy, teenager. Over the past several weeks Target had gotten the better of the other actress who plays Annie Oakley, first by being troublesome laying down, then being troublesome getting up, then getting up when he wanted rather than when asked, then simply refusing to even lay down. Off stage, in practice, Target did his job fine, but he knew on stage the rider had limited resources to correct behavior so he got away with whatever he wanted.

Tonight's Annie Oakley was asked to help correct Target's bad behavior. The concept, as with any cocky, lazy, teenager, is simple: be firm and fair in making the offender understand the rider, not the horse, is the boss. Tonight's Annie did exactly this. In writing it sounds simple, but any human attempting to control the actions of an animal weighing several hundred pounds and who thinks he's the boss, has to know what they're doing - especially when on stage in front of a 1000 spectators. Like any spoiled teen who is challenged, Target rebelled, but like a great parent, Annie kept her cool, kept control, and helped Target do his job. Witnessing the event was a pleasure - the kind of real experience that few people, especially people coming to watch a Disney-produced show, are likely to witness. What an expert. Hats off to tonight's Annie Oakley, an excellent performer and one of the best horse trainers in our outfit.

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  1. We're assuming this is a referral to the legendary Sonna Lee Warvell. A horsewoman exceptionelle and, unquestionably, the best Annie Oakley France has ever seen. Enough said.


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