The Casual Reporter: Val Gets Married

Friday, July 10, 2009

Val Gets Married

This just in from Chris and Joss:

Val got married on June 20th at Victor’s guest ranch in N. California. His (now) wife’s name is Mikie (Michael-Ann, nee Gonsalves). Guests included Chris & myself, Hodge & the mother of his gorgeous baby boy Teani (stunning lady), Fonzy & his new wife Christine and Chris Lawson (who rushed over for the pre-wedding bash the night before from the BFI in Reno). Naturally Victor was there and Chris (mine) and Victor were groomsmen and Mike Fontes drove the stagecoach that delivered the bride and little flower girls to the wedding aisle! They all looked very dashing. We had a ball – call us for details so you can put the big news on the Casual Reporter. (This published sans details.) It was out of control and completely WILD WEST SHOW!! We stayed on for another week (after a quick trip to Oregon) after everyone left and had a ball with Victor. Caught my first trout, visited Crater Lake in Oregon, saw Mount Shasta and made a trip to Portland, OR, to stay with a filmmaker friend of mine who owns a great bar there – even managed to stay 2 nights with Val’s parents in S. Oregon on the way back to Victor’s!!
The bond continues….

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