The Casual Reporter: Trent "Buffalo Bill" Vance Creates New Blog!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trent "Buffalo Bill" Vance Creates New Blog!

I've created a new blog focused exclusively on The Wild West Show.

All articles posted so far on The Casual Reporter have been copied to a new blog entitled, "Buffalo Bill's Blog." Future articles I write relating to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Paris France, will be published on the more appropriately titled "Buffalo Bill's Blog."

The Casual Reporter will focus on news and entertainment not directly related to the Wild West Show, such as Joke of the Day, Iraqi Throws Shoes at Bush, and the Armistice Day video. So you'll want to be sure you keep reading The Casual Reporter, but to receive future Wild West Show news and entertainment you'll probably also want to subscribe to Buffalo Bill's Blog. You can do so from the blog itself. I'll keep a permanent link between blogs on each blog so you can always click between them.

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