The Casual Reporter: The Casual Reporter Returns!

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Casual Reporter Returns!

After several years on hiatus, The Casual Reporter has returned, this time online! The Casual Reporter was a DAILY newsletter I wrote for several weeks many years ago. Although the run was short, it was a hit among my fellow American cast members. (We perform in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, now called La Legende de Buffalo Bill located in Disney Village outside the Disneyland Paris Resort.) I had ambitions at the time of being a writer and I'd read that although reading books and studying writing were all fine, "writers write". With that in mind, I concocted The Casual Reporter to inspire myself to write regularly and frequently while at the same time entertaining and informing my cohorts. I also felt that "a group of authentic cowboys and Native American Indians living and working together near Paris" was something that somebody had to write about, to document if nothing else. So I wrote about it. (For anyone interested, I'll post the old copies when I get a chance.) For several reasons, mainly lack of sleep, I finally gave up. But now I'm back! I'm still near Paris and still working at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (in fact, now I play Buffalo Bill), so I decided to revive The Casual Reporter, this time online. Much simpler. Eventually I will produce a variety of media, including videos featuring bloopers and other interesting moments in the show and videos of attractions local to Disneyland Paris Resort. For now, though, I'll just get in the habit of blogging.

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