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Monday, April 7, 2008

Recommended Restaurants – Lebanese Cuisine

One day I got bored with the food in Wyoming, admittedly not that difficult in a land where steaks are the feature of most menus and ethnic restaurants are sparse. Here in France my desire for a new culinary experience has been fulfilled many times, most recently in the form of Lebanese cuisine - refreshingly different and fun to eat. At the restaurant Loubnane, where I first ate Lebanese cuisine with my wife, our meals arrived in the form of about 20 small dishes filled with brightly colored sauces and concoctions that were completely unidentifiable to me, and a stack of pita-like bread. Directions: fill Pita and eat. Simple. Delicious. Tastes and textures I’d never had before. Nearer Disney, Noura in the Val d’Europe Mall serves authentic Lebanese cuisine. They also have a take-out section for those who want a faster lunch. The people are friendly and the food refreshingly different from any other cuisine I’ve tasted. Reserve a table now!

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  1. Lebonese sounds really nice!

    I have just returned from a trip to Dubai, and the food out there was FANTASTIC. There is something special about sitting outside in the warm night air, sipping a chilled Sauvigion Blanc in anticipation of the culinary delights to follow. This particular restaurant was named Le Meridian (near the airport), and was an all you can eat, all you can drink buffet (alot of them around in Dubai), and resonably priced at £22 per head. This restaurant stood out from the crowd, as all of the food was cooked fresh on hotplates, by chefs placed in strategic locations around the premises. It seems that they were placed by continent - Thai curry, Chinese wan tons and Japanese sushi in one section, Spanish tapas and Italian lasagne in another, and so on!! The fresh and plentiful ingredients showed the superb quality of this top class restaurant. Hopefully I will return soon to sample the delights again, but in the meantime, I will be content with fish, chips and mushy peas, with salt and vinegar, direct out of the newspaper, on a chilly beachfront in South Shields. Ah, bliss...


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