The Casual Reporter: Video 1 - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show c.1992

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Video 1 - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show c.1992

A number of videos of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show are floating around on the web. I'll post some of my favorites, starting with this one. (Don't worry Tim, Shawn, and Devlin - I'm getting to yours!)

Circa 1992/1993

A blast from the past. This video features the late Peter MacLean and most of the original cast and the original entrance to the show back when "Disney Village" was called "Festival Disney". A warm-up pen and stables existed where Gaumont and Planet Hollywood now stand. French patrons review the show. Recognize anyone? Leave a comment! Reserve places by phone at: +33 (0) 1 60 45 71 00 or buy tickets online at France Billet or FNAC Spectacles.

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  1. wow ! lots of memories ! HM, Peter, Ivan & a bunch of great cowboys performers ! A real show atmosphere on stage & out stage !
    I miss it ! Patrick


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