The Casual Reporter: Chris & Joss Cooper Living Life to the Foal

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chris & Joss Cooper Living Life to the Foal

Chris Cooper was a cowboy at the Wild West Show for several years before returning to the United States with his wife Joss, a lovely English lass he met here. After a few years in the Florida Keys, Chris teaching SCUBA and Joss owning/operating a cyber cafe, Chris secured a position with a University in Florida managing the horse operation there. They seem to be doing well, although working hard during foaling season. Joss writes, "we're STILL foaling 55 mares but on the last 10 now THANK GOODNESS. Breeding season has been a ball and we've scored the top sires in Florida as season donations to bring up the value of the herd. We're rockin' it baby!!! Wish we had an easy life again though!!!"

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