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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Existing Wild West Show Blog Revealed!

I'd heard awhile back that a member of the management team of our dinner show, "La Legende de Buffalo Bill" (that's the official French name for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort), maintains a blog about our show, but I hadn't seen it. When I Google'd the name of one our cast members, however, I discovered a blog that is very likely it! The blog, named appropriately "Buffalo Bill's wild west show" is written in French and contains photos and news of special events from our show including the 10,000th show celebration and the arrival of managers Eva and Cecile.

The blog is kept up to date with the addition of the recent special event at FNAC in the Val d'Europe mall featuring our Native American Indians, Mexican trick roper Carlos Barrera, and including my favorite specialty act of all time: Kave (Kevin) Dust's supremely excellent hoop dance (shown here as part of Kave's promo reel). The "Buffalo Bill's wild west show" blog is all in French, which is good since The Casual Reporter isn't, and features exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of our highly esteemed technical support team as well as the performers. Check it out!

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