The Casual Reporter: Enrique Barrera Nearly Killed on Stage

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enrique Barrera Nearly Killed on Stage

April 21, 2008. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show (La Legende de Buffalo Bill), Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort, FRANCE - In a dramatic turn of events during the roping contest of the second show, Enrique Barrera was nearly killed by a rope. The roping competition started in a spirited manner when Brice Wood, roping for the Gold Star Ranch, caught Cremelo in 2.3 seconds. Green Mountain's Scott King, the next contestant, looked good for the first couple swings of his attempt but his rope hooked a post in Red River, causing him to miss (or so he says). Chad Atwood, trying for a second flag for the Blue Moon Ranch, attempted to time his throw just as Cremelo entered the arena, but missed. The pressure was then on Chris Knecht from Red River. Although roping is not Chris's strongest event, he has caught and even won in the past on many occasions. Beating 2.3 seconds, however, would prove a milestone for Knecht. The tension was palpable as Chris nodded, releasing Cremelo into the arena. Chris swung hard and threw his loop wild. It missed Cremelo and bonked Enrique in the eye! IN THE EYE, MAN!!! IT HIT HIS EYE!!! He was instantly killed. Or knocked cold. Or feigned being knocked cold (all in the spirit of good comedy, of course). Three of his cohorts dragged him off stage, his back leaving a long wide path in the sand as Brice Wood took the winning round.

Enrique returned about 30 seconds later carrying a target for the Lance Game. His recovery was miraculous although his shirt was dirty. I mean DIRTY, MAN! A DIRTY SHIRT!! DIRTY!!

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