The Casual Reporter: 84 Year Old Friend Leaps from Airplane

Thursday, May 22, 2008

84 Year Old Friend Leaps from Airplane

My former boss and very good friend Gene Wulff, somewhere around 84 - 85 years old as I recall, recently went skydiving. He stands about 6'3" I'd guess and I remember when he was much younger - in his 70s - he invited me on his regular 25 - 50 mile Sunday bicycle rides with his bicycling group. On the job site he'd climb around on scaffolding like a giant monkey, never one to fear heights or challenges of any kind. About 15 years ago he tried bungee-jumping. I guess it comes as no surprise that he recently went skydiving, but I am still impressed with and inspired by his undying enthusiasm for life and adventure. One of his friends wrote about the photos above: Why is only the instructor wearing a helmet?

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