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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yoga Video Free to Download

As I get older I find that despite my youthful attitude and vibrant.. vibrancy... my joints and bones won't let me deny the fact that I'm 40+ and therefore officially no longer "young" by the majority of the population's definition. I have trouble completing a 15 minute jog around the block without experiencing pain in my hips, knees, and/or back. Just doing my job, riding around the arena and standing straight on the judge's stand is usually a little uncomfortable. That ain't right. I'm not young but I'm certainly not yet old. And many of my friends at the Wild West Show have similar aches and pains. Yet many other of my friends older than me seem not to be bothered by joint pains as much. My good friend Troy, for example, recently ran 2 marathons in 2 days. My 84 year old friend Gene just went skydiving for the first time. Both Troy and my brother are training for 100-mile endurance runs. How do they manage? Regular exercise and a healthy diet are probably largely responsible, but another thing that keeps coming up is Yoga.

Yoga shmoga. Sounds like a bunch of voodoo hippy crap to me, yet everyone I know who does Yoga swears by its effectiveness. I have little to lose so I'm going to give it a try. To start with I'm downloading a Yoga video for free, the only stipulation from the creators that they ask kindly if users would post a link to their Yoga website on the downloadee's website. So here it is:

FREE DVDS Yoga Online Visit the online yoga website. Heaps of cool yoga stuff including a free downloadable Videos and DVDs.

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