The Casual Reporter: Enrique Nearly Killed AGAIN!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Enrique Nearly Killed AGAIN!

That Enrique Barrera is just one crazy guy.

So.. Enrique loses his hat during the first lap of the Pony Express, riding for the Gold Star Ranch of Texas. His team mate, Jesse James Townsend, picks up Enrique's hat during Enrique's second lap. Enrique dismounts, runs to the mailbox, puts the letter in the mailbox, and runs towards the ranch. As he does, Jesse frisbee's Enrique's hat in front of Enrique so he can catch the hat in mid-run. Enrique accelerates, determined to catch his hat before it hits ground. The hat sails, twirling through the air and, despite Enrique's efforts, lands inches from the wall of the Gold Star ranch. Enrique, still running full-speed, smacks head-first into the wall. Or at least it looked head-first. His body snaps back and collapses on the sand. He appears unconscious with a small grin on his face. Jesse runs over and grabs Enrique by one ankle, pulling him upstage to safety. As Jesse struggles and it's clear nobody's going to help him, Enrique grabs Jesse's leg and trips him as well. Good clean comedy.

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