The Casual Reporter: Ludovic Desette Wins Roping Contest

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ludovic Desette Wins Roping Contest

Ludovic Desette, one of the Moody Brothers' biggest fans as a teenager, won the roping contest a few days ago in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disneyland Paris Resort. Ludovic Desette started frequenting Billy Bob's when he was 14. He came by train or friend from his home in Croissy Beauborg about 10 miles away to watch and listen to country music and became a bit of a fixture in the bar. His likability made him one of the favorite fans of the musicians who played their regularly. So impressed was he with the music and the musicians that Ludo vowed to learn to play like them. So he did. He learned to speak English fluently, practiced guitar, and became an accomplished guitarist and singer.

One day during this time Ludo was invited backstage to see the Cowboys and Indians in the show. Upon seeing them exit at full gallop from the arena he decided he wanted to do that as well. So he did. With the help of some friends in the south of France, he learned how to ride horses western style well enough that now he currently plays Cowboy in the show with a high degree of authenticity. He is one of only a handful of French performers who looks the part on stage. He wear the right clothes the right way, with the right swagger.

Roping, however, has been Ludo's biggest challenge, undermining his determination to be seen as an authentic Cowboy. But Ludo rises to challenges. He practices. He listens. He learns. Several days ago he not only caught a horse in the show but won the roping competition, beating out several other very accomplished North American Cowboys who are normally excellent ropers but who failed to catch. Congratulations to Ludo for his numerous accomplishments.


  1. Vive le Ludo!
    Jeffalo Bill

  2. tu es tres mignon ,je vais faire voir sa a ta soeur elle va etre contente bisou papa


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