The Casual Reporter: The CR Apologizes for Robert LaPoule Post

Monday, May 12, 2008

The CR Apologizes for Robert LaPoule Post

I apologize for the post my friend/colleague Robert LaPoule made a couple days back. Robert has lived at the Wild West Show in someone else's locker for years with no complaints. A few years back, following the Bird Flu scare, the real chickens disappeared from the show without warning or explanation. Ever since then Robert's been depressed. I think he had a crush on Mildred. I felt sorry for Robert so I invited him home for a good meal, play with the kids, and just to try to cheer him up. Now he won't leave. He invites himself along on family outings, laying quietly among us in silent judgment (aside from an occasional squeak from his butt). Now he's apparently figured out how to hack onto my blog. I didn't even know he could write. (I suppose there's a good argument that he can't.) Robert means no harm, eats nothing, and can be quite entertaining at times so I just don't have the heart to kick him out of the house. I had a long talk with him the other night about personal boundaries and proper spelling, things that escaped him during his difficult upbringing. He didn't say anything but I got the impression he was listening. In the end I gave him a big hug and his butt squeak woke up the kids. That's exactly him - likable, funny, disruptive and annoying all at the same time. Someone you want to hug and slap in the same moment. Anyway, I thought you deserved an explanation.

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