The Casual Reporter: Ze Adventuhres of Robert LaPoule, Stoont Cheeken

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ze Adventuhres of Robert LaPoule, Stoont Cheeken

Alloh, allow me to intr-hodoos myself. My name ees Robert (wiz a silent "t") LaPoule , alzhough my American friends call me "Rubber Chicken". Not so deegneefied but I love zeez men like zay are my brozzers. It is an honaire to have a neekname from zem and I wear it wiz pride.

I am what zay call a stoont cheeken. Mais non.. Wait a meenute. In my profeshun I cannot afford to be so modest. I am zee greatest of zee French Stoont Cheekens. Bettaire.

I am woorking at zee Boofalo Beel's Wild Whes Show in Deesneeland Paris dooing zee very dangeroos falling from zee sky. I also do some funny stuff wiz my good friend Pete Thias, also known as "Chicken" by heez American friends. He eez a whonderful guy whis so many talents, beeg muscles and legs not so unlike my own. We share an unspoken cameraderie zat not so many peeple can share and for zat I am sankful. My job has many rewards. And yet deespite all of zees, my life eez verhy lonely. Not always waz zees so. But zat is anozher story for anozher time.

I was born in China but move to France when I was only a few weeks old. If my American friends are my brozzers, France eez my mozzer.

I admeet I am not much of a writer. My educashun is zee skool of hard knockers. In my sinking eet eez zee best skool. For zee typing I hunt and peck, of course. I am a cheeken after all. I do not speak because my mout is only a robaire beek. Zee only noise I can maik eez a leetle squeek out of my butt. And zen only if you squeeze me. Not so deegneefied and not vairy good for comoonicateeng. So I blog.

My friend has agree to let me use heez Casual Reporter blog for zee blogging to you. I would like to write so many sings, show you so many sings. I am going to start wiz some photos of me just zee ohzer day at zee Foret Fontainebleau wiz my good friends. Laitaire we stopped queekly for a foto in front of zee Chateau Vaux le Vicomte. My freinds are so generoos wiz me. I am 'onoured and 'umbled by zeir generoseetee.

I am a great lovaire of zee nature. As you will see I prefer to go naked all zee time. I hope you are going to enjoy zee fotos and my ozher blogghings! A bientôt!

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  1. after seeing the show recently, my husband became a great fan of yours, and possibly the "clown" who helped you with the can-can (an inspired move I have to say), and I will be passing this blog onto him, he will be very interested to read it!


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