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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"Jesus Christ is King and Lord" - Couy

After writing Couy Griffin Rides for Jesus, an article about Couy's calling to ride horseback from San Francisco to Jerusalem "just sharing the wonderful Hope that is found with Jesus Christ to anybody who will listen" I wrote to Couy. He responded with the following email message, reprinted here in its entirety.

Hey Trent,

Good to hear from you and hope that all is going well. I just finished the trek across Ireland yesterday and man had a good trip. It took about 8 days to ride across Ireland and met lots of good people and saw the country from a great view. "The back of a horse".

I can only imagine the first thoughts many may have when they hear the words that I speak on camera and the calling at hand. I know that it seems crazy but man it has been a good ride so far. I know that lots of past friends and aquaintances probably don't know how to react with the extreme change of course that I've made in my own life. I'll tell you Trent. The thing that I found in life that made the difference is spelled by five words. JESUS. I finally woke up Trent and realized that I was in bondage to sin and through that bondage my life was slowly being destroyed. Now I have found in life true victory over guilt, shame, addiction and heartache. I found a new life with Jesus Christ. As the scriptures call being "born again". I have been born again into a whole new life of peace, happiness and joy and that "new life" can only be found in one name. JESUS.

The Gospel is true Trent and Jesus Christ is King and Lord. Religious hypocrites and religious institutions have tried corrupting the Gospel but a relationship with Jesus can't be found in religion. It can only be found in being "born again". Remember how Christ referred to religious people in the Bible? He called them a synogogue of Satan, a brood of vipers.

What I'm out here doing has nothing to do with religion. What I'm out here doing is just sharing the wonderful Hope that is found with Jesus Christ to anybody who will listen.

I'm planning on being in Paris towards the end of this month. The days are quickly passing by and I haven't even made it to England yet and have that whole country to ride across first. So saying that I'm not sure if I will make it by the date that I'm hoping to or not. That's the direction I'll be riding though.

I have a contact from D.C. that is going to meet me at the end of the month. She is setting some production stuff up in France and plans to cover more of the ministry there. I'll forward her info. to you and if you would like to make contact with her please do. She really knows her stuff and is already getting some type of crew put together in Paris.

Well I do hope that we can stay in touch and I pray to make it out to Disney when I get there and see everybody. I never did get a "last show" so who knows, maybe the Lord will line something out.

If you will Trent poste this up on your casual reporter site. And tell the guys there at Disney that I look forward to seeing them soon.

In Christ,

p.s. Maybe I'll even get a look at ol' Liberty. Praise God!!

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