The Casual Reporter: Jim McMullan Book Coming Out in September

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jim McMullan Book Coming Out in September

Jim McMullen, former Buffalo Bill in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris Resort and veteran screen actor with an impressive list of Hollywood credits, has written another book. His first two books, "Actors As Artists" and "Musicians as Artists" were co-written with Dick Gautier. Actors As Artists is "a tribute to 77 stars of stage and screen who are gifted visual artists," an idea inspired by Jim's discovery that like Jim, actor James Stuart had a degree in Architecture. Musicians as Artists is a follow up to the first. Jim recently wrote to The Casual Reporter about he and his wife Helen's current life, and a bit about his newest book. Here are excerpts from his email:

We are still in New Jersey living on the Toms River. We sail our 30ft. Sabre up to Maine for a month each summer. Our boys, Sky & Tysun live in LA. We visit them in Feb. and I vote for the Academy Awards at the same time. No more acting for me. I have a studio next to our house... Doing sculpture and writing books in my office above. Look for my new book coming out in Sept. Called, DO IT NOW- TIME TO SEIZE THE MOMENT- It's a clock and book in a gift package.

The Casual Reporter will keep readers abreast as details unfold.

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