The Casual Reporter: Teri Matter's Mission Matters

Monday, May 12, 2008

Teri Matter's Mission Matters

Perhaps Teri Matter's name has subtly influenced her current mission, which many would agree matters. I recently read in Yes!: 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion that a study conducted by social psychologist Brett Pelham shows strong evidence that our names can affect important, life-altering decisions. Dentists, for example are 87 percent more likely to be named Dennis than you'd expect if name similarity had absolutely no effect on career choice. Is it true for Teri as well? Here is an excerpt from a recent email Teri sent to The Casual Reporter:

I am a nonprofit organization "Forever Faithful Ministries" helping all children through horses We take in rescue horses and children with emotional needs. We serve the community with the Gospel and Horses. We have 13 horses including Goya (from Disney) and just want to bring families closer together with 115 acres of nature and the beautiful nature of horses.
Teri Matter played Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Disney Village, Disneyland Paris for several years on and off since the inception of the show in 1992. Hey.. maybe "Teri" has had some influence on another thing she's involved with:
I have an article coming out in the newspaper this week and have been nominated for Extreme Makeover Home Edition on TV.
..because "Teri" is like "terry cloth" like the towels in her bathroom after the Extreme Makeover. Or maybe it's Teri as in "don't tarry" because Extreme Makeovers happen fast. Did you know Teri Hatcher had a similar makeover? Coincidence or destiny? And what about my buddy Robert LaPoule: first name sounds a bit like "Rubber" when pronounced in French and "LaPoule" means "Chicken".. and he's a rubber chicken. Weird man. Has your name subtly impacted your major life decisions?

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